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Awarded Best “Mexican/Taco” In Sumner County

We were recently awarded “Best Mexican/Taco” in Sumner County as part of the 2020 Main Street Awards. Reflecting back on the past year fills me with much joy, gratitude, and excitement as we head into the Summer months.

Our entire team would like to thank everyone who has continued to support us no matter the circumstances we have been dealt with. With COVID19, we had to improvise in many ways to keep our guests happy with some form of CV, so we altered our restaurants into a takeout only concept for over a month. This was challenging yet fulfilling.

Of course, without our amazing team at both locations, we wouldn’t be able to provide the best Mexican Food in the county. I thank god every day for the blessings that we have within our four walls.

I wish you all a fulfilling Summer full of fun and memories. We will have smiling faces, cool drinks, and authentic Mexican dishes waiting for you.

With Gratitude,
Hector Salazar
Owner, Casa Vieja Mexican Grill

Open For Takeout and Curbside! (Starting April 3rd)

Casa Vieja Family-

We are excited to announce that starting on Friday (April 3rd), both of our locations will be open daily from 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. We will be offering both curbside and takeout.

We’ll also be offering our full menu AND margaritas. We cant wait to see you all. Thank you for your support!

Celebrate National Margarita Day With Us!

The new year has been a special one at Casa full of memories that will last a lifetime. We’re excited to create some more during the week of ‘National Margarita Day‘ as we are giving one lucky guest a $50 gift card.

Here’s how you can win:

  • Come into one of our locations anytime from the 16th-22nd and post a picture of your margarita (or food for those under 21)! You must tag one of our Facebook pages or our Instagram account.
  • We will monitor all entries and announce our winner on the 23rd.

We have the best Margaritas in Hendersonville made with 100% blue agave tequila, plus a wide variety of tequilas. We always strive to represent an old family tradition in preparing authentic Mexican dishes with pride in the beautiful country of Mexico.

From our Regular Margarita to our Casa Vieja Margarita, we invite you to view all of our drink menus by clicking here!

Don’t forget that every Monday and Tuesday our regular 12 oz. Lime Margaritas are $3.50 all day!

It’s always a pleasure to engage with our guests both inside our four walls and online. Cheers to many more memories!

With Gratitude,
Hector Salazar
Owner, Casa Vieja Mexican Grill

Happy New Year From Casa Vieja!

A new year, a new decade, and a new opportunity to celebrate our blessings with friends and family. The entire Casa Vieja family would like to wish you and your loved ones a safe, healthy, and prosperous new year.

Through the unhurried conversations, smiling faces, and memorable experiences that we’re able to provide, the last decade has filled me with pride, joy, and glorified. The last decade was a special one and I look forward to making this one even more meaningful.

In 2020 our team look is excited to bring friends and family together over Authentic Mexican cuisine. We are proud to provide a richly varied menu of fresh, natural ingredients, wholesome sauces and a combination of flavorful spices that encourage a depth of flavor.

For over 20 years we’ve been in Tennessee and have been lucky enough to serve the community in two locations We truly appreciate seeing our guests who support us and seeing your families grow along with us.

I look forward to seeing you soon. May 2020 be a great one for you.

With Gratitude,
Hector Salazar
Owner, Casa Vieja Mexican Grill

Happy Holidays From Casa Vieja

Our entire team at Casa Vieja would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I don’t know about you, but for me Thanksgiving seems to be the kickoff to my favorite season…the holidays! I love the excitement of this time of year; family gatherings, baking cookies, the cheerfulness of everyone, holiday parties, and, of course, all of the gatherings at Casa! There is just something about being out and about in our community this time of year that simply seems magical.

Between shopping for presents, picking up all of the ingredients to your favorite recipes, and seeing longtime friends and family, this time of year always seems to just fly by.

Whether its lunch with a friend or a family dinner, our team looks forward to sharing a moment with you inside our four walls. It’s always special to see close friends/family get together over a meal with us. It fills me with joy and fills my heart.

I always like to thank god for the amazing community that we have. Between both locations in Hendersonville, our guests and team members feel like one huge family.

If you are looking for a stocking stuffer idea or gift for someone that loves Casa, you can order a gift card here

Our team looks forward to serving you this holiday season and in 2020!

With Gratitude,
Hector Salazar
Owner, Casa Vieja Mexican Grill

Thankful For It All

Ahh, Thanksgiving. Food. Football. Friends. Family. And of course, community.

I make it a point to begin every day with an attitude of gratitude. As we enter the holiday season, we should take time to be thankful for all of our blessings.

It would be easy to go on and make a list of everything that I’m thankful for. Instead, I want to focus on our group as a whole. The entire Casa Vieja team has been blessed to have amazing support from the community.

We all thank god every day that we have the opportunity to serve authentic Mexican cuisine to such a great group of people. We’re proud to be not only in the food business but the people business, too.

As the task list grows more and more every day, I’d like to invite you to take a breath and unwind with friends and family with us. We strive to be a place of comfort and community for all.

Take the time and enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Go out and visit new places that celebrate the season. On behalf of the entire Casa team and myself, may your holidays be joyous for you, your family and all who share with you.

With Gratitude,
Hector Salazar
Owner, Casa Vieja Mexican Grill

Fall’s In Motion At Casa

Where did the summer go? Fall is finally here! However, for many of us that means vacation days are gone, kids back to school, old routines recharged, shorter days and longer nights.

This time of the year gets busy for all of us! We often get caught up in the fog of trying to keep our lives organized and getting back on track.

At Casa, our team believes that it’s important to take a moment, catch a breath, and reflect on the lives that we are fortunate to live. In maintaining this belief, we are proud to offer our guests an Authentic Mexican meal while catching up with friends and family.

Stop in for lunch with a colleague or with a long lost friend. Enjoy the cool breeze that our patio offers at both locations. Cheer on your favorite team over the weekend as our team will accommodate the TV channels for you.

This Fall, we’re excited to celebrate the crisp and beautiful Tennessee days. I look forward to seeing you, your family, and your friends!

With Gratitude,
Hector Salazar
Owner, Casa Vieja Mexican Grill

Enjoy Sports With Us!

September is a great time of the year. The temperature starts to drop, the excitement grows for Fall, and we enter the prime season for sports!

I’ve always enjoyed gathering with my friends and family to cheer on our favorite teams and this season, I invite you to do the same!

At Casa Vieja, we always welcome our guests to come in to enjoy a football game, soccer match, basketball game, etc. We are proud to provide our guests with both indoor and outdoor seating with both areas having televisions!

It always puts a smile on my face when I see fellow fans and friends gather around our table to cheer on their favorite teams. Our team is happy to accommodate and put whichever game you would like to watch on one of our screens.

We typically see a lot of orange on Saturday’s followed by white, red, and navy blue on Sunday’s. No matter who you are cheering on this Fall season, we’re happy to provide a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere for the big game.

While you’re in, enjoy cold drinks, warm appetizers, and authentic Mexican dishes.

With Gratitude,
Hector Salazar
Owner, Casa Vieja Mexican Grill

Back To School With Casa Vieja!

In the blink of an eye, the Summer season will be over and we all will be enjoying the cooler Fall air. With our wonderful students going back to school in the next few days the Casa Vieja family and I would like to wish all of our students a safe, healthy, and prosperous school year ahead.

It always puts a smile on my face when we host students for lunch or dinner during their vacation. The conversations are always unhurried (mainly because of our chips and salsa), and the memories are endless.

But, there’s something about having everyone in on a Friday or Saturday night after a football game, concert, dance, etc. that makes what we do special.

These gatherings help teach us that it’s important to keep unwind from the busy schedules we all have and connect with the ones that mean most in our lives. At Casa Vieja, we’ll always have a table for our amazing community and it’s students!

I wish you all an amazing school year ahead!

With Gratitude,
Hector Salazar
Owner, Casa Vieja Mexican Grill

Cool Down With Casa Vieja

Casa Vieja Family,

As we head into the hot and humid Tennessee Summer weather, we invite you to cool down with one of our cold drinks.

On Mondays & Tuesdays regular 12oz. Lime Margaritas are $3.50 all day. Wednesdays 12oz. draft beer is $1.75 all day. We have the best Margaritas in Hendersonville made with 100% blue agave tequila, plus a wide variety of tequilas.

At the Casa Vieja bar, you will find a large variety of select tequilas in a friendly atmosphere with an authentic rustic decor for your complete satisfaction.

From our Specialty Drinks to fan favorite Margaritas and Frozen Drinks, you’ll find something that pairs well with any entree. If you like to keep it simple with either a glass of wine or glass of beer, we have you covered too.

When it comes to our wine selection, we offer White Zinfandel, Chablis, Chardonnay, Merlot, Burgundy, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangría. Our beer selection is diverse as we have domestic, draft, and imported beer.

You can find our full drink menu here. If you want a non-alcoholic beverage, please ask one of our staff members and they will be sure to accommodate!

Our entire team would to like wish you and your families a safe, fun, and fulfilling Summer! We’ll have memories waiting for you at both locations!

With Gratitude,
Hector Salazar
Owner, Casa Vieja Mexican Grill

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