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Where did the summer go? Fall is finally here! However, for many of us that means vacation days are gone, kids back to school, old routines recharged, shorter days and longer nights.

This time of the year gets busy for all of us! We often get caught up in the fog of trying to keep our lives organized and getting back on track.

At Casa, our team believes that it’s important to take a moment, catch a breath, and reflect on the lives that we are fortunate to live. In maintaining this belief, we are proud to offer our guests an Authentic Mexican meal while catching up with friends and family.

Stop in for lunch with a colleague or with a long lost friend. Enjoy the cool breeze that our patio offers at both locations. Cheer on your favorite team over the weekend as our team will accommodate the TV channels for you.

This Fall, we’re excited to celebrate the crisp and beautiful Tennessee days. I look forward to seeing you, your family, and your friends!

With Gratitude,
Hector Salazar
Owner, Casa Vieja Mexican Grill

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